How It Works (FAQs)

1How does it work?
When you enroll in USA Partner Network, you join a group purchasing organization (GPO) of skilled tradespeople. We leverage the purchasing power of the group to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of our members. Think of us as the Costco for small businesses, except you don’t have to buy in bulk to save money. Our team of highly experienced professionals negotiates with corporate businesses that provide needed business services, where we contract the best programs and pricing for our members.
2How do I join USA Partner Network?

Joining is easy! Register online by completing a brief form. Upon submission, you will gain access to our For Members page with instructions on how to create your Home Depot ProXtra™ and RAPID PASS accounts, how to download Home Depot apps, and information on how to contact our other service providers.

We want you to maximize your benefits! If you requested to receive information about additional services, you may be contacted by email or phone to see if you are interested in taking advantage of other USA Partner Network discount programs.

3What does the membership fee cover?

Membership in USA Partner Network grants immediate access to our Home Depot ProXtra™ loyalty program and RAPID PASS, where you get savings and discounts on materials and supplies. Member savings programs STACK on top of Home Depot’s already low prices including sale items. Use the credit card of your choice.

USA Partner Network members receive savings not available elsewhere.

Home Depot’s RAPID PASS provides preferred pricing off select items, with no minimum purchase requirements. Check out at any register. Want additional savings? Home Depot ProXtra™ sends special deals to your inbox and provides significant volume discounts when you spend $1,000 or more. You automatically get 20% off all paint purchases. Every $ you spend earns perks like truck and tool rental rewards.

The savings don't stop there! Membership also grants you access to and discounts with all USA Partner Network programs, including business insurance, payroll services, merchant services, and more. Browse all of our partner offerings.

4Is membership an annual fee?
Yes. Membership dues are collected annually. Each year we will contact you to confirm if you wish to extend your membership for another year. You decide what's right for your business. If you have come to us through a partner program, your membership fee may be waived or discounted, depending on the referring partner.
5Is membership guaranteed?
Yes. For 30 days after joining USA Partner Network, if you are not completely satisfied with our discount programs, we will refund 100% of your money by calling the number on our Contact Us page.
6What are the requirements to use Home Depot ProXtra™ and Rapid Pass?

You will be required to register an account with Home Depot ProXtra™, use the USAPN Agreement Code, and register one or more credit cards to be used at checkout, either online or in-store, to achieve savings, truck/tool credits, volume discounts, etc. You may elect to download the Home Depot ProXtra™ app on your iOS or Android compatible mobile device.

You will automatically be registered in Home Depot’s in-store discounts, but you must download the RAPID PASS app separately on each mobile device and follow instructions. Details can be found on USA Partner Network’s Members Only Page.

7How do I purchase supplies through the Home Depot ProXtra™ and in-store discount programs?

After downloading the ProXtra™ and RAPID PASS apps:

Shop Online: visit Login to your ProXtra™ account and start taking advantage of our savings programs. You can have items delivered directly to you, or you can choose to pick up your items at the store location of your choice. Home Depot is committed to processing orders quickly, so you may pick up your items in a timely manner. Additional ProXtra™ volume discounts (over $1,000) are available in store with your ProXtra™ account. Just go to the Pro Desk in the store you choose to get your volume discount.

Shop In Store: Use the RAPID PASS app at any register at any Home Depot. When ready to purchase, open the RAPID PASS app and:

  1. Select National Account
  2. Enter the Unique ID you received in an email from RapidPass_Support and Continue
  3. Scan the coupon shown on your mobile device at any home depot register
8Is there a minimum purchase for me to get a discount from Home Depot?

There is NO MINIMUM purchase using RAPID PASS in store. Discounts are automatically applied.

Additional volume discounts can be achieved by spending $1,000 or more and stopping by the Pro Desk to receive pricing details.

9How does the Home Depot ProXtra™ Volume Discount Work?
It's simple. Just assemble your project list, either online or in the store, bring it to the Pro Desk at The Home Depot along with your ProXtra™ account number, and Home Depot’s Pro associates will get you the lowest price possible within minutes. Volume discount savings start on qualifying orders of $1,000 which is a benefit only for USA Partner Network members. That's buying power you can use to win more bids.
10Do I need to use a Home Depot credit card to receive discounts? What other forms of payment can I use?
You do not need to apply for and use a Home Depot credit card for the USA Partner Network program.
To use RAPID PASS, you can use any form of payment, including cash at any Home Depot register.
To receive other ProXtra™ discounts and rewards, you must register one or more credit cards on the ProXtra™ site.
11How do paint rewards at Home Depot ProXtra™ work?
Our members receive a discount of up to 20% off paints, stains and primers. It also includes Free Factory Tinting, Direct to Job Site Delivery, and Lifetime Color History. For more information, visit: Home Depot’s Paint Rewards Program
12How do Firestone discounts work?
Once you sign up, you will receive an electronic/digital fleet card which will provide the details of your discount, and the locations at which the Firestone National Account Program will be honored. You will also receive details on downloading the My Firestone & My Tires Plus Apps, how to locate a service center, make an appointment and track your vehicle maintenance. When you are at the store, show them your digital fleet card, so they know to use the USA Partner Network National Account. The 10% discount is already in the system and is applicable at all 2,200+ company-owned stores (Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, Hibdon Tires Plus and Wheel Works). The discount will be applied to tires, service/labor, and parts, and can be applied to sales items. It cannot be combined with other coupons.
Some exclusions may apply; discounts not valid with CFNA payment options.
13How do the Sunoco fuel discounts work?
Fuel discounts are applied at the end of the billing cycle and not immediately when you fuel. This is not a point-of-sale discount but rather a discount applied at the end of the month based on collective gallons pumped by USA Partner Network members. Our discounts are a tiered structure; the more fuel we pump together, the more savings we all achieve. Monthly savings on gas and diesel at Sunoco start at 2.25% (SunTrak® Fleet Card) or 2¢ (Sunoco Universal Fleet Card) per gallon. Together, we can earn Sunoco’s top monthly fuel rebate of 3% or 6¢ off per gallon, when we collectively pump over 25,000 gallons a month. Further details can be found at
14How do I get business insurance through Simply Business?
Simply Business makes it super easy to get your business covered without taking up a lot of your time. Just visit our website via USA Partner Network and answer a few questions about your business to get quotes from a variety of insurers. Using our handy quote comparison tool, you can pick the policy that works best for your budget. Once you buy your policy, you’ll be sent all the policy documents you need to start showing the world your business is insured.
15How does Simply Business find me more affordable policies?
One word: Transparency! Simply Business makes it so you know exactly what’s contained in your policy before you buy. That means you can be confident you’re getting the best price for a comprehensive business insurance policy.
16How do I get Milwaukee Tool Member Incentives?
Milwaukee Tool provides significant savings on their products to our members. They have various quarterly and holiday promotional campaigns and special events. Milwaukee also announces new product offerings. USA Partner Network members receive advanced notice on these promotions, events and announcements. You must register with Home Depot ProXtra™ with our USAPN agreement code and register one or more credit cards to receive these benefits. Visit the USA Partner Network FOR MEMBERS page for details and instructions.
17How does ServiceLive Work?

ServiceLive has been helping homeowners find reliable Service Pros for over 10 years and has completed over 6,000,000 projects, from handyman to plumbers, to electricians and home electronics, to remodeling and construction renovation.

ServiceLive finds real, funded jobs in your area, and notifies you to see if you are interested in the work, at the price the customer has agreed to pay. ServiceLive secures customer payment upfront and has a 10% fee, paid by the customer, not you. And you get paid as soon as the job is complete—no processing fees, no invoicing, no waiting.

ServiceLive conducts free background checks on every ServiceLive-approved provider and mandates liability insurance coverage for their pros. Need coverage? Visit Simply Business and Get Insurance. It’s affordable and online. ServiceLive customers have come to appreciate the fact that their Pros are true professionals. And no fake ratings – they will only be done by customers who you have done work for you.

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